Foot Care for Your Life

Care of our feet is key to the overall development of our bone structure and spinal health.   Some thirty odd years ago when my oldest children were small, it was one of the “important” things on their pediatricians list of what to look for in their physical development. How were the feet and ankles shaped? If they saw any issues, the kids went into corrective footwear……shoes that supported their growth as they were beginning to stand and walk. Especially for women, we are motivated more by how our shoes look, rather than what is both comfortable and supportive of our feet. The photo below shows what happens with the bones and joints of our feet, ankles, legs when wearing high heels that often lead to multiple foot issues such as hammer toes. When we are young it’s hard to believe that bunions, hammer toes, and other problems could be in store for us yet they are what we see every week in our office. There are options for helping your condition like custom orthotics, but we also encourage you to be kind to your feet and they will serve you well for a lifetime!

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