Chiropractic is most often used to treat back pain, neck pain (whiplash), posture issues, and headaches. Taking a holistic approach, regular chiropractic adjustment can also improve overall health.

Dr. Bart Hodgins and Dr. Brett Comeau use a system of clinical evaluation that includes consultation, review of case history, physical examination, laboratory analysis, and infrequent x-ray examination. In addition, they provide a careful chiropractic structural examination, paying particular attention to the spine. The doctors commonly use home care items as well as supports to help decrease the number of in office visits and complete the healing process.


What does an adjustment to a joint do?

Often with a joint, muscle or disc that is not working property it begins to lose its normal function. This inturn creates inflammation which further restricts the joint, muscle or disc’s normal movement. Over time as this cycle continues one may experience a loss of range of motion or more commonly pain. An adjustment helps restore the normal motion in a joint which helps the healing process.

Do adjustments hurt?

Depending on the severity of the restriction it is possible to feel some mild discomfort following a treatment. However, an adjustment should not hurt and I accommodate my technique to ensure as little discomfort occurs as possible . An example of this would be adjusting someone who has a tight low back from working in the yard versus a person who was newly injured in an automobile accident. I may use a bit more force with the tight lower back because there is less inflammation and the long term severity of injury is low. On the other hand, I would start very gently with a newly injured person from an automobile accident because the severity of injury is harder to determine and the risk of being sore following treatment is higher.
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Do you work on extremities like a shoulders, hips ankles, ect.?

Yes, my treatments are not only spine specific. Often people come in for a treatment of an injured extremity.

Do I have to get x-rays?

Not usually. Using the range of motion and pain model x-rays are commonly not needed and I do not expose anyone to x-ray unless I feel they are absolutely necessary. If something out of the ordinary occurs during our exam or you are not showing signs of healing in the first two weeks I may need to order x-rays.
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If I have x-rays should I bring them?


Can you order me an MRI if I need it?

Will I get home exercises to help with my healing?

Yes, as we regain your range of motion exercise will be important for you to help hold the correction.

Will you send my other doctors update reports?

Yes, upon your request, we can send reports to your doctors in the Asheville area and nationwide.

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